Amazing Science: Simple Circuits

Amazing Science: Simple Circuits

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These nine amazing challenges mesmerize young explorers with what looks like magic but is really science.

Can you balance 11 nails on top of one?
Can you blow up a balloon inside a plastic bottle?
Can you move a marble through a test tube that’s already filled with salt?

With this kit, you won't just learn the answers, you'll also learn about the what, why, and how - And you never have to crack open a text book!

By simply following along with the detailed instructions and trying their best to complete the challenges, kids (and grown-ups) will "accidentally" learn the real scientific principles behind what's going on.

Watch science go from hum-drum and tedious to one of your child’s favorite activities!

Complete with loads of supplies, easy-to-follow instructions, and codes you can even scan for tutorial videos, the Sick Science Solve This kit makes it easy for kids to see just how "sick" science can be.

Sick Science Solve This

  • Kit for doing amazing tricks with the power of science
  • Encourages following instructions, hands-on learning, an interest in science
  • Discover just how "sick" science can be!
  • 9 challenges - Balancing Nail Puzzle, Twisted Nails, Feel the Difference, Salt and Marble Challenge, Confusing Ball, Cereal Box Shake Up, Balloon in a Bottle, Water Balloon Challenge, Make An Impossible Bottle Puzzle
  • Balance 11 nails on top of one, blow up a balloon inside a plastic bottle, and more
  • Learn about the laws of physics, air pressure, gravity, friction, and more
  • Includes 4 balloons, glass marble, cork ball, plastic test tube with lid, 1-liter plastic bottle with a hole, plastic stand (5 x 5 x 0.75 inches), rubber stopper, 12 iron nails
  • Detailed instruction booklet included
  • Scan codes using smartphone or tablet device to watch tutorial videos
  • Required from home: Table salt, box of cereal, water
  • Adult supervision required
  • High quality materials for exceptional experimenting experience